Current work

Amanda’s current sculpture, utilising ceramics, wood and printmaking, explores an historic Japanese house and the experience of walking through its rooms.

‘I am interested in the animate qualities of houses. I see houses as people: the structure, anatomical and fluid. My current project considers memory, the intimacy of objects and ritual practices, but also the act of departing from a space. The memories I have of Japan are wrought into the fabric of this structure - it’s a form of ‘emotional architecture.’’

Preparatory work in stoneware clay and printmaking.


Work in progress.



Amanda has travelled to Japan to explore her interest in ceramics and the wider significance of aesthetics in Japanese culture, in particular wabi sabi.

In 2017 and 2018 Amanda worked as an artist in residence at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.

She will return in 2020 for a three month residency to create new site specific work.

Images: Shigaraki wood, 2018 / Japanese wood block print (detail) Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.



Amanda has been exploring a short form of musical composition and particularly in response to her travels.