Travels with clay

It's a little over a week until I leave for Japan and I've been looking through my work for concepts to take with me. 

I am aware of a very strong need to be in the moment during my stay at Shigaraki, to absorb the surroundings and respond very simply to the environment. It is my first visit to Japan and I expect the 'eye opening' nature of this trip to influence the work I produce. 

But I also want to continue a thread of new work I have started in the UK - clay drawings - and take them with me to Shigaraki.

I'll also take some ideas I have used as 'scenarios' in the past and see how they respond to their new setting.

I like the idea of re-locating ideas, starting them in one country and developing them in another.

Given the time difference (9 hours) and my interest in history, I'm excited by the idea of creating work in the future and bringing it back in time.



Clay drawing (detail), 2017


Clay scenario - 'Night on Essex Marshes', 2015