Kitten in the Moonlight

After two weeks here it was with great joy that I entered the Library for the first time. 

Jumping straight into working has been fun (and necessary if I'm to come away with some results) but having a few precious moments to look and reflect is vital.

The Library is largely a collection of Japanese texts and visual sources (catalogues, art books and reference materials). There are some foreign titles if one feels like reading but the main aim is to have a visual resource. 

With the space to myself and a little electric heater I picked books at random and also used my time to write notes for a forthcoming project (more to come later).

I'll find time to come back to the library as often as I can until I leave. 


First book picked at random...


How apt! 


'Kitten in the Moonlight'.


Chosen for it's title... 


Lovely to discover a female ceramicist.