First Tests

Yesterday was my first day in the studio. 

Having purchased three clays in Shigaraki's main clay factory, I was keen to begin testing. 

The schedule is tight to include both test firing (early next week) and a final product firing toward the end of my stay.

I was recommended 'Tougei No Mori' which is a very local mix of Shigaraki clay. It's named after the 'Ceramic Forest' centre (SCCP) where the residency is based and because of its strength it can be used for the outdoor sculptures popular here. 

I am hoping it will prove strong enough for my clay drawings which I began in the UK this year and which I hope to ship back home.

The Bletchley/ Turing computer inspiration for this work definitely has a Japanese style emerging ....


Having fun ... My first piece made in Japan - clay thrown at wall, captured and rolled. 


Mixing Togei No Mori (TMN) with a grey clay (S14-2) 


S14-2 base with TNM line


TNM base with a smoother white clay (No.9) 


Hand folded pot  


Misc experiments