Luck of the Kiln God

Garrett's Kiln God brought us luck today as the mini Anagama was unloaded.

Everyone seemed happy including me as this little turn of fate allowed me to experience a wood firing for the first time - and in Japan!

Factors such as heat, glazing, ash deposits, position in the kiln and proximity to other wares all play a part. 

It was interesting to place totally unglazed pieces in the kiln and see them transform subtly with fire flashes and a delicate green glaze in one case. 

To find out about Anagama firing go to:

I am also hoping to collaborate with an exciting U.K. based Anagama project in Oxford - see here for more details:

Fresh from the kiln. 

Fresh from the kiln. 


Huang and Kim So with Watarai San, Yabe San and Garrett. 

Getting the wares back to the studio. 

Getting the wares back to the studio. 


More sake cup than tea bowl - tried and tested this evening!


My katakana initial 'A'