All around the world

I am sharing the residency with some lovely artists from around the world. 

The facilities and open approach at SCCP encourages artists to explore new ideas and to develop work unique to their surroundings.

Many are making ambitious works that will be fired in the large scale kilns or bespoke ones. 

Others are taking advantage of the time away from their normal settings to try something new.

It's inspiring to be around this energy and I look forward to seeing the results!



Maria Julia Ocampo - Argentinian architect living in France - exploring structural ideas in ceramics.


Garrett Masterson - American ceramicist / sculptor and former guest artist at SCCP - preparing for a large scale figurative work.



Chinese artist Xiao Li  (left) with Yoko Yoshida from the SCCP team.


Japanese artist Tomohari Hashimoto makes outdoor sculptures.