Saturday in Shigaraki

The great thing about a residency is the freedom to work without constraint- everything apart from the obvious willingness to produce ideas is available. And if you need to take a break to reflect or have some tea, the artist's rooms are next to the studios  - open 24/7.

Work has progressed and the continuous proximity to an idea is helping to liberate it.

Yuki Ando, one of the instructors, took me to see the wood firing kilns on the hillside.

The local community will unload the 'switchback' Kiln tomorrow and we're invited to watch. I'm also using the opportunity to gather some remaining ash for a glaze. More later ...

The day ended with throwing a miniature tea pot and buying more clay - a red one. 



Wheel drawings


Trials using tea strainer for fine clay threads. 


Miniature tea pot thrown 'from the hump' .


The red one (No.57) ... when fired to stoneware.