Annual gathering and dog handling

Each year the local community come to fire their pottery in the 'Switch-back' kiln at SCCP. 

This wood firing kiln behaves much like similar wood kilns but differs by firing from both ends. This means the ware has a more consistent glaze coating rather than the patch effect of the Anagama which fires from one end only.

The kiln was carefully unloaded by the makers and the ware placed on boards.

As an invited onlooker I watched the proceedings with interest and jumped at the chance of pet minding duties.


The wood kilns sit on the hillside above the centre. 


Pine wood drying ready for firing in bundles (each bundle represents a financial unit).


Unloading the wares. 


Yoshimi Matsunami and Yoshiko Takahashi from SCCP assists with the process. 


The Switch-back kiln.


Yuki Ando from SCCP sketched the process on the side of the kiln.


This dog was very happy not to be placed in his travel box for the duration!