Let it be

It's now time to reflect on the amazing time I've spent at the Ceramic Cutural Park in Shigaraki. 

This trip would not have been possible without the support of the Daiwa Foundation and Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation - thank you! 

It was made successful by the exceptional dedication and help of the staff at the centre.

And both enjoyable and thought provoking working alongside a very talented group of fellow artists.

Coming here gives you the space to not only explore your work but to examine your whole approach to life. 

As this was my first trip to Japan I was very grateful for the time and hospitality I received from staff at the centre who took me into the wider world to experience the culture and landscape of this incredible country.

I sensed there would be an affinity with Japan and this is what drove my ambition to realise this project. 

But actually finding it and then seeing those expectations exceeded will take some getting used to!  

I look forward to seeing how my work survives the shipping process and then developing it (thanks to an Arts Council grant) based on the learning I've gathered. 

But I have also experienced a special kindness in the people here which will stay with me in one shape or another for the rest of my life. 

I hope to return.

For now, thank you: All staff at SCCP especially Yuki Ando, Matsunami-san, Yoshiko Takahashi, Watarai-San, Yoko Yoshida, Erica Mikazuki, Akira Tao; Artists - Yabe Shunichi, Tomoko Konno, Garrett Masterson, Fabienne Whithofs, Xiao Li, Aya Murata, Hashimoto, Yugi, Kim Jin Seo, Hyun sang chul and Julia Ocampo.

And a special shout for young Ryo Yabe - may your life be filled with joy!