Journeys to Tadmor (Palmyra)

My sculptures in unfired clay - 'Exhume' -  will form part of a collaborative exhibition in Norway this Summer. 

 'Journeys to Tadmor (Palmyra)' is an exploration of the historic site in Syria: its significance as a trade and cultural centre over 2000 years ago to its current position as a site of conflict and war.

It centres around Bergen University's four year research programme -'Mechanisms of cross cultural interaction - Networks in the Roman Near East' - and together with Bergen City Museum they will host an exhibition of artefacts, art and heritage that tells the story of the people and their pathways across this extraordinary region. 

I will be working as artist in residence in the lead up to the exhibition, re-making my temporary clay sculptures 'Exhume' inspired by the destruction of Palmyra in 2015.

The exhibition will run from 30th June - 17 September 2017 and is funded by the Research Council of Norway.

More details will follow shortly.

Image credit: Max McClure

Image credit: Max McClure