Silent utterances

Looking recently at chawan by Raku Kichizaemon XV and reading Kato Shuichi's autobiography 'A Sheep's Song' I am also reflecting on new works created since coming back from Japan.

Working through my feelings about returning to the West I am conscious of a pervading tension: to maintain the positivity of my life in Japan amidst the almost overwhelming shadow of political life in the U.K.

Observing society showing signs of imploding with a growing sense of powerlessness is unnerving.

I then began to make some tea bowls and found they were almost immediately dysfunctional.

I am interested in the way the tea bowl holds a particular power in Japan as a philosophical and functional vessel. It embodies stillness and hope and silently speaks volumes.

As I struggle to maintain the deep silence I found there and navigate the extreme difference between our two cultures - I hope the work in clay will quietly speak and make small footholds. 


Hand built stoneware fired teabowl, June 2017.