Today was spent mostly on the computer, documenting my works and measuring in the space. I was also thinking quite hard about how to spend my few remaining days in Shigaraki...

The gallery is open each day at 10am so I had a little time to get some fresh air beforehand.

I decided to find my way to Mt Hando San where I’d been last year. It was odd retracing my steps but wonderful to be on the mountain again with no-one around except some interesting wildlife!

I had a visit in the gallery from one of the drumming group- Sashiko- so nice she made a special effort to come. 

Virginia and I visited Yoko San’s exhibition at the end of the day. So amazing to see her painting. I hope she continues to build on this success.

Finally, a huge effort was made on the food front for another delicious shared meal. Perfect way to end the day - thank you!