Return to Shrine

It’s great to be back at Shigaraki.

Thankfully nothing has changed, except the weather.

It’s much warmer than my spring experience last year and I have the insect bites to prove it!

The air is also filled with the new sound of Cicadas (or the Japanese version I assume), but change is on the way with the prospect of a typhoon. ..

It was my first day in the studio, setting up my space, my schedule for the month and making my first tests. 

It’s also very busy with lots of international residents from China, Greece, Sweden and USA.

Sita from China is firing the Ittekoi Kiln so I will shortly see (and learn) from her experience before my turn on the 18th October.

Now, where’s that bite cream?!...





New space, familiar view.


New artists - Sita at the Ittekoi  Kiln.


  First Hibaku-Jumoku samples for test firing on Japanese clay.

 First Hibaku-Jumoku samples for test firing on Japanese clay.


My first bike ride, ending the day back at the shrine.