Japan 2020

I am very excited to announce the confirmation of a three month residency in Shigaraki (SCCP) next year.

After two very successful one month residencies at SCCP I will be returning for a longer period from 1st February - 30 April 2020.

Although the three months will go very quickly, in practical terms, it will allow me more time to embed myself in the setting of Shigaraki, offering the potential to make site specific work.

I will be considering the options over the coming months, especially the possibility of attempting another wood firing which formed an important part of my exhibition last October.

There is also the chance that other projects will emerge in the preceding months, so I am excited about keeping a very open brief at this stage.

My return to Shigaraki for a third year signals a growing connection to Japan and Japanese culture ( I am reading about IKIGAI at the moment), but also a major development in my practice. The facilities and working environment at SCCP are world class, helping me to push the boundaries of both the conceptual and technical aspects of my work.

Thank you to everyone at SCCP for your continued support and hospitality. I look forward to seeing you again next year!