I have just finished a new work for the RWA Academician Candidate’s Exhibition which takes place alongside the Annual Open Exhibition this year from 29 Sept - 1 Dec 2019.

It’s exciting to be selected as a candidate this year, and after a long period of experimentation and development during the late Spring and Summer, I have completed a new ceramic work inspired by my first trip to Japan in 2017.

Baby (100 x 150 x 20 cm) is a ceramic wall hanging made of composite clay forms. It is a development of the style used for the Alan Turing project (hand rolled clay technique), but with a new, more three dimensional structure.

As with the Turing pieces, I was conscious of the ‘anatomy’ of the work, and the growing sense of the object as a body. I like the figurative nature of these pieces, even if it is only apparent to me in the making of it.

Baby is essentially about my experience of returning from Japan, and explores the idea of re-birth.