Hibaku-Jumoku - The Survivor Trees of Hiroshima

In 2018 Amanda returned to Japan to develop a new project based on the trees that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima - the Hibaku-Jumoku.

An initial research trip was made to Hiroshima, visiting key sites and meeting with ‘Green Legacy Hiroshima’ (GLH) who kindly donated natural materials from the surviving trees to the project. A series of camera obscura photographs were also taken at the hypocentre at the Genbaku Dome.

This was followed by a residency at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (SCCP), where a new body of work was conceived.

A central part of the production process involved Amanda’a first wood firing, using a traditional Japanese ‘Ittekoi’ kiln.

The final exhibition comprised of a selection of wood and electric fired ceramics and other sculptural works, and was held at the gallery at SCCP in the final week of October 2018.